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Do bed bugs make you dread going to sleep at night?

At the end of a long day, the last thing you want to worry about as you crawl into bed is what else might be crawling into your mattress. If you are dealing with a dreadful bed bug infestation, Dever Pest Control is here to help. We provide the latest in fast-acting bed bug treatment services to help you feel at ease again. Our experienced professionals will completely eliminate the bed bug population without causing harm to your home or health — because your peace of mind is our priority!

California Bed Bug Elimination

Our team of exterminators know that without professional treatment, a bed bug infestation can grow quickly out of hand. Fortunately, we offer safe, efficient bed bug control services to residents of the Southern California region. Our treatment reaches bed bugs in every area of your home — even within your walls and inside your mattress. If you are tired of living with bed bugs, contact us to receive your free quote today!

Why Dever?

With so many companies in the area offering extermination services, it can be hard to choose one. We’ll tell why you Dever Pest Control is the way to go for bed bug control:

1.Convenient and hassle-free: Our chemical treatments are less intrusive. You only have to be out of your home for a few hours vs. an entire day in comparison to other treatments!

2.Affordable options: Our chemical treatments are affordable and ensure total eradication.

3.Superior customer service: From your interaction on the phone with our customer service repre sentatives to the trained professional technicians at your door, we always strive to provide the utmost in customer satisfaction.

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