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Boundary and Perimeter Treatments

Most of the problem pests dwell in the landscape, not in the home. The generic name for these annoyances is “dooryard” pests. If these pests are effectively blocked from entering your home, there is little need for the application of pest management materials in the interior of the home. At Dever, our Perimeter Service Program is designed to reduce the need for additional interior treatments after the initial service (if the problem is the control of a dooryard pest).

Interior Treatments

Interior areas are inspected and treated specifically for the pests present in your home. A combination of residual insecticides, repellents, baits and traps may be used based on your concerns and particular pests.

Additional Options

We offer the following additional services:

  • Dead Animal Removal
  • Live Animal Trapping
  • Bird Barriers
  • Fumigations & Localized Treatments
  • Wood Structural Repairs
  • Dryer Vent Replacement
  • Garage Door Weather Stripping
  • Annual Control Services
  • Environmental Friendly Solutions
  • Custom Program

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